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Permanent Eyebrows - Permanent Makeup


I am a young, busy mother with a hectic career. My eyebrows were so sparse, almost non-existent. Every morning I went throught the time-depleting ritual of drawing on “straight” eyebrows. I constantly had to use my pencil for touch ups during our humid, hot summers. One swipe of my hand and I was walking around with one brow! When I met Stephanie we talked about how much time I would save getting ready in the mornings. With a little boy needing my full attention in the mornings that sold me!

Permanent Eyebrows are Shaped Perfectly!


This client has a slight paralysis on the right side of her face, making makeup application difficult.

Permanent Eyebrows evened the shape of her brows making them symmetrical.


Client had virtually invisible eyebrows.   With permanent makeup her brows are now natural looking and highlight her facial features.

Permanent Eyebrows - Shaped Perfectly!
Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Results
Permanent Eyebrows
Permanent Eyebrows Frame the Face


Client requested natural looking eyebrows.   Picture on the left shows how the client normally “pencilled” in her brows.  While the photo on the right shows clients eyebrows after permanent makeup was applied.   Note the softer color and how natural they appear!

Permanent Eyebrows - West Palm and Jacksonville FL
Permanent Eyebrows After Chemo

Eyebrows-Chemo Cancer, Hair Loss

Permanent makeup for the eyebrows is also a great service for women that are going to start chemotherapy.   It creates the illusion that you have eyebrows.   With permanent makeup we follow your own natural eyebrow before you have hair loss.   Once the eyebrow grows back you are left with beautiful soft eyebrows.   It is recommended to get this service before you start your treatments.

We have had many clients tell us that is really  helped them psychologically ad with the shock factor once they lost their hair.   It is harder to create a natural eyebrow once all the hair is gone.   Many doctors refer their clients to A Natural Look Permanent makeup for that reason.

Permanent Eyeliner and Lip Color

Eyebrows and Eyeliner

This client is a firefighter and works in a predominantly man’s world.   She came to A Natural Look and wanted to look naturally made up for her job and busy life.   What a difference eyebrows and eyeliner made in her life.   She called me about 4 days later all excited and said.

“When I went back to work all the other firefighters were complimented on my pretty face.  I had been working with them for 5 years and the permanent makeup has made them take notice and compliment me.   I am ecstatic”   

Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips

I was attractive but not handy with my make up.   Now, I am totally confident that I am even more attractive and still look soft and natural which was my concern about the permanent makeup.   I have a guide now so it is easy for me to add more for special events or an evening out on the town.

“I was not very good putting makeup on myself.   Now, I don’t worry because I have it on permanently.   Thank you, I love it!”

Permanent Makeup Eyes and Lips
Permanent Makeup - Eyes and Lips

Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips

Our client is a Palm Beach Yoga Instructor.   She felt she looked older than she felt.   She teaches classes all day long and never really had the talent for putting on makeup.   We did her eyebrows and eyeliner.   These photos are right after the procedure.   She had little to no swelling.  We cut her hair and gave it a 10 minute color wash.   Her comment when we turned her around in the mirror.   “OH MY Gosh, you are the fountain of youth”.

She has called 6 times on all compliments and 4 of her students have come for permanent makeup.   She is a walking billboard for permanent makeup.

Lip Liner and Color

As I got older my lips and the color were fading with everything else.   I would go out to eat with lipstick on and in an hour it is all off and my husband would say, “ Honey you need to put on some more lipstick.” I don’t have to worry about him saying that again.

Permanent Lip Color

Lip Liner – Lip Correction

This client had a dog bite her 10 years ago.   She was very self-conscious of her lip being so uneven.   No problem we can even that out and make the lips fuller.

She is a happy client of A Natural Look Permanent Make Up

Permanent Lip Liner Correction

Lip Liner and Color

I wanted fuller lips and did not like the points in the bow of my lip.   I wanted them rounder and fuller and of course a soft natural; looking lip color for everyday.   I can put any color over my lips if I want to.

Permanent Lip Liner and Lip Color
Full Face Permanent Makeup

Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips

I got tired of hearing you could be so pretty with a little makeup.   I t was not on my list of things to do or learn to do.   Biking, swimming, working out and hiking were more important.   I took the plunge with the prodding from my boyfriend.   Glad I did, I now have it all and now I am engaged.

Lip Liner, Corrective Color & Color and Shape on Top Lip

I always hated my small top lip.   It looked uneven and missed shaped.

“I love the lip shape and color and feel more balanced”  

Permanent Makeup Color Correction
Permanent Scar Camouflage and Color Correction

Camouflage – Vitiligo Client

This client was very pleased.   He is aware that in 2-3 years the Vitiligo will spread and we will have to touch up and refresh the color.   There is no known cure for vitiligo but treatment may improve his skin’s appearance by restoring implanted pigment (color) to his patches.   The effects of treatment are not permanent and it cannot control the spread and fading of this condition.   We can blend color within the scars of vitiligo to help give a more even appearance.

Scar Camouflage

Scar Camouflage & Hair Simulation

This 25 year old male had a surgical scar from a hair transplant that was very obvious and difficult to hide. A variety of small, hair-like dots and dashes were implemented within the scarline to camouflage the scar. We also do this for men and women who have had face flits.   We can camouflage the scars in the hair line.

Enhancements for Men!


We create a very natural look for the men by not applying a straight line for their procedure but a pointillism technique.   Great for men with little to no lashes or very blonde lashes.   We promise you, not even your best friend will know what you did.   They just know your eyes look more open, defined, alive, or for some reason you have sexy percing eyes.

Permanent Makeup for Men
Micro-Needling for Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Micro-needling is a method during which a high -rotation electrical appliance creates micro-punctures in the complexion using very fine needles, by which the skin absorbs effectively rejuvenating substances to a great depth.  In addition, the fine perforation of the complexion is very effective in stimulating the regeneration of the skin’s lower layers.   After this treatment the complexion begins intensively forming its own collagen and elastin, which substantially reinforces the rejuvenating effect, because the complexion fills itself from within.

The method has excellent aesthetic results, which can be seen after the treatment is healed, though the full regeneration process lasts several months.   The resulting effect is similar to treatment by “Ablation Laser”, but unlike laser treatment the complexion remains undamaged after healing.   Micro -needling can be used for treatment of the face, neck and throat.

Micro-Needling for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The method considerably reduces or entirely eliminates surface wrinkles, pigment stains and visibility of scars.   We have been doing micro-needling for over 10 years.   We call it the replacement for Botox and fillers!

A Natural Look Makeup (South Florida) provides permanent makeup to clients in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Wellington and surrounding communities.

A Natural Look Makeup (North Florida) provides permanent makeup to clients in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Avondale, Fernandina Beach, Atlantic Beach, Orange Park, St. Augustine and surrounding communities.