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Testimonial 17 - Natural Look Makeup

Eyebrows, eyeliner and now I have lips. Oh my,  the best money I ever spent. I don’t know what took me so long to do this. I researched and kept coming up with this company a Natural Look that had been doing this for years. I even called a few Plastic Surgeons and yep the same company and their staff had come to them also. Love, Love, them and my new look. So happy.nd so many complements.

Linda Mullen – Jacksonville Beach, FL

I always hated my sparse, high arched eyebrows. With  your expert advice and art skills A Natural Look performed their magic on me. I am a metro male and having the eyebrows that were more filled in and  heavier gave me that look I always wanted. The best part NO one knows it is Permanently Tattooed in. Love it, thanks for helping me create my look for me.


Ashton M. – Metro Male
Testimonial 16 - Natural Look Makeup
Testimonial 15 - Natural Look Makeup

Thanks so much GeeGee.
I was so afraid that I was going to get dark eyebrows. I love my eyebrows. They are a soft golden blonde just what I wanted and so many complements.

Tara Morgan – Tampa, FL

Thank you so much for all the great info wonderful artistic  permanent makeup you did on my eyebrows and eyeliner. Family and friends think I had a face lift. As a flight attendant now I don’t worry about smeared eyeliner and no eyebrows on a long flight. What a blessing. 


I will be passing out your cards to other flight attendants we need this. Looking good and fresh is important in our job. You are a gifted artist.


Darlene Beecher – Jacksonville, FL 
Testimonial 13 - Natural Look Makeup
Testimonial 1 - Natural Look Makeup

Thanks so much GeeGee.
I was so afraid that I was going to get dark eyebrows. I love my eyebrows. They are a soft golden blonde just what I wanted and so many complements.

Ellen G. – Palm Beach, FL

Eyebrows! Hairstrokes!   Stephanie is the best, just love my brows in Jacksonville FL!

Happy Client of Stephanie – Jacksonville, FL
Testimonial 2 - Natural Look Makeup
Testimonial 3 - Natural Look Makeup

I could not be happier. A Natural Look Make up did just what they promised. I feel I still look natural and ready to go all the time. I travel a lot and have a busy schedule. This has made my life so much easier. GeeGee and Iris are real professionals. I waited for some time to do this after interviewing 6 others. It is an art and as I can testify to this, they are artists and well worth the money. In the long run it is cheaper and time saving.

Dr. Jessica Lowery – Palm Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA

I always wanted to have this done but I thought it would be painful. When I finally took the plunge I found it to be just the opposite. It didn’t hurt a bit. In fact, Stephanie made the whole procedure almost painless and I felt really safe in her hands. You’re the best!

Sandy – Macon, GA
Testimonial 4 - Natural Look Makeup
Testimonial 5 - Natural Look Makeup

I am a busy Mom and Hair Designer. I need to look the best I can in the least amount of time and with the least amount of hassle. Stephanie helped me do that!

Laurie – Macon, GA

Thank God for GeeGee for being a perfectionist when it comes to permanent makeup. It’s definitely a skill not everyone possesses. As a facial specialist it is expected that I have beautiful skin. With your knowledge of color and perfect lines, you are my only choice for myself and my clients!

Janet Robbins – CME, LMT, FS
Testimonial 6 - Natural Look Makeup
Testimonial 7 - Natural Look Makeup

I am of Spanish heritage and I feel I look my best with eyebrows and eyeliner all the time. With a busy schedule, doing product shows for permanent makeup and managing an office, I need to look my best all the time. “Looking Good Is Powerful”. I also do permanent makeup and see a lot of other technicians work all over the country. I will only let GeeGee and Stephanie do my permanent makeup. I have been a satisfied client for over 10 years.  Visit me online:

Iris Murray – West Palm Beach

Thanks to Stephanie I don’t spend half an hour every morning putting on my eyebrows and then worrying if they are going to come off at the gym!

Paige – Macon, GA
Testimonial 8 - Natural Look Makeup
Testimonial 9 - Natural Look Makeup

I wish I had done this 10 years ago. I didn’t realize how bad my vision was getting. Thanks to GeeGee my makeup is perfect everyday.

Andrea – Boca Raton, FL

GeeGee is a real artist. She took my face and worked magic. I work in an industry where beauty, vision & style is what I sell. The simple truth is that no one really wants to buy photography from someone who isn’t successful and can’t sell their own beauty and style. She showed me how to bring out that beauty and style with permanent makeup. I turn heads now.

CeCe Espeut – West Palm Beach to Miami, FL
Testimonial 10 - Natural Look Makeup
Testimonial 11 - Natural Look Makeup

I have had dry needling on my vertical lip lines, they were deep and are now 50 to 60% filled, some smaller lines are nearly gone. I had two treatments, one more would just about make them disappear. GeeGee also did it on some deeper facial lines around the eyes. They are barely visible. It really does work. I am very happy with the results so far. Its been 6 months since the first one. It does take a few months to see the results. As far as what to expect, I looked like I had a bad sun burn for the first day or so, then I peeled a little and healed up. As time went on I saw some improvement. It is an alternative to botox and injectables for half the price and no artificial serums in my face. Well worth the money for the short down time if any and the turn back of the age clock. My skin looks smoother and tighter.

Jennifer Wells – Micro Needling

A Natural Look Makeup (South Florida) provides permanent makeup to clients in Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Lake Worth, Lantana, Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Wellington and surrounding communities.

A Natural Look Makeup (North Florida) provides permanent makeup to clients in Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, Avondale, Fernandina Beach, Atlantic Beach, Orange Park, St. Augustine and surrounding communities.