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We get this question asked every day. What happens if I change my hair color?

If you are a chameleon like my friend Tara, a woman specie that comes in a range of colors, and and has the ability and desire to change hair colors like most of us women. We have the answer to your Permanent make up eyebrow color. 

My friend Tara in the last 2 years has gone from Blonde to Bright Red and today the last time I saw her this week end to a Carmel  hair color. When she was deciding to do her Permanent Eyebrows and Eyeliner we talked about this in detail. I chose a color that was a neutral  light/med brown with some warmth. It has done very well with all the hair color changes she has made. Even if she wants to be a platinum blonde the eyebrow color will do well with all her future hair color choices.

Permanent eyebrow make up  can always have a soft pencil color applied over the eyebrows for a change. You have the base design and color which  you can add a light auburn, golden brown or any color over the permanent make up for a more dramatic color or shape for the evening or day wear. The great thing is… IF your pencil rubs off you still have that wonderful eyebrow color there permanently.

Yes, you do have to touch up the eyebrow color every few years if it is a light color and every 3-5 years if it is a darker color. Like any tattoo or permanent make up it does fade with time, washing, sun and exfoliation that our skin does each day and will lighten the eyebrow color.

Permanent Eyebrows and Hair Color Changes



I promised to keep you up to date on the correction of a real bad permanent make up lip liner.

This client was not price shopping, but just trusted a woman that did permanent makeup in a salon and though she knew what she was doing. She wanted her lips to look a little larger. The so called permanent make up tech said NO PROBLEM. She numbed up her lips and proceeded to do this AWFUL work right here in Palm Beach, Florida. The client said she was numb and could not really tell what she was doing. She about had a heart attack when she was told to sit up and look in the mirror. Well, 6 years later and rejected by 10 or 12 professionals, dermatologists, permanent make-up artist she came to Natural Look Permanent make up. I told her I would try but did not promise more than a 30 -40% lightening of the DARK BROWN pigment that was tattooed in.

First, I told her that I wanted her to see one more Doctor that I trust.

I told her she had a lot of wrinkles around her mouth and a lip liner will never look even. I suggest seeing if a deep chemical peel will help lift some of the color and we will have to do the rest with some lightening methods we have used many times in our 35 years of doing Permanent Makeup.

FAST FORWARD: she went to the doctor and got a full face chemical peel, unfortunately only about 10% of the dark lip lightened. I spoke to the Doctor and he said, ‘around the mouth we can’t go very deep. ” but get a little lightening.

I told her after she heals about 4 months, I would try my method.

We have done 2 treatments on the bottom lip and there is two very small resistant places, but can be covered up with a light make up as before she could not even cover it up with a darker heavier make up. We have done only one pass on the top lip and it has peeled and we are waiting for it to heal at least 3-4 months and for the pink to heal up and also to be sure not to create scar tissue.

I am sure you can agree the full face chemical peel took years off. We also used my hair color skills and I gave her a new hair style and hair color. I also corrected her permanent very grey miss shaped eyebrows that she had from another technician. She is so happy and sees hope at the end of this terrible permanent make up experience. She thinks we are a miracle worker and wonders why everyone else turned her down?

I told her it is risky, not many know how or if they can even correct it nor have the skills. Most have not been doing permanent make up long enough to have the experience we have or will even attempt the challenge. It is a skill that is learned over the years. It is even for us a challenge and we do turn down some cases where we know we can’t even improve on it at all.

Before, we started her treatments she was informed it would be costly for each visit and that it might take 4-8 treatments. (I like to overestimate and deliver in less time and money). I am hoping that on the top lip we have on more intense treatment and then on the top and bottom only 1-2 small, small spot lightening and might have to use camouflage color if we can’t get those few – little lines out.

She is so happy and could even us a make up to cover the color that is still left, but she insist to go all the way and remove as much as we can. After it is healed and waits a few months, then she wants me to do her permanent make up lip liner and lip color, the correct way. IS SHE NUTS OR AM I?

I told her that… after all that you have gone through and spent you want to do your lip liner and color again, have you lost your mind? She said, ONLY if you do them and don’t you die on me. Well, now that doesn’t leave me much wiggle room does it.

Permanent Lip Correction - West Palm Beach